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Burnishing One Blade

New machining techniques require new Tools, which in turn lead to new machining methods. This constant interaction is the driving force which ultimately leads to progress. It is this very factor that leads to continuous development of tools and machine tools. Numerical Control of machine tools represents a milestone in production methods. However the increase in operating speed now possible, together with higher precision and production automation, also places new demands on the tools. Burnishing One Blade Adjustable Reamer (BOBAR) manufactured by SUPER SURFACE TOOLS CO., MUMBAI, INDIA, may be a solution to these new requirements.

Since the beginning of cutting technology for fine machining of bores, the reaming method has proved indispensable. One of the main reasons lies in the broad spectrum of application for which this process can be used- on all machines with either rotating or stationary tools. The original HSS multi blade reamers were replaced by carbide Tipped blade reamers. Carbide tipped adjustable floating, pair of blades in a holder (SAMAR & KOYEMANN) gave fine finish. Now single blade reamers with clamped, precision adjustable blade and guide pads have put a step forward. The increasing use of NC-Controlled machines, particularly machining centers, have brought a further need for tool development which will allow new methods of increasing performance to full advantage. This need is now met by BOBAR manufactured by SUPER SURFACE TOOLS COMPANY, MUMBAI, INDIA.

The cutting process is by means of a precision adjustable, rigidly clamped blade. At least two guide pads placed on the circumference of the head provide support and guide. In automatic production, it is vital that the chips removed do not affect the results. BOBAR’s have been provided enough chip clearance space between blades and the two guide pads. Copious coolant supply will also prevent chips affecting the results.


  1. Blade with appropriate cutting edge geometry. The guide pads are positioned to absorb and utilize the radial and tangential force. Hence, overall effect is an efficient material removal and size-control of the bore.
  2. Axial parallelism and ovality is within 1 to 3 µm and is maintained over the entire bore length. Same accuracy is obtained in broken and interrupted bores with extended guide pads.
  3. Minimum surface irregularity is achieved by providing 3 finishing lead angle on blades.
  4. Guide pads while controlling the cutting edge, burnish the whole surface by exerting a counter force to the cutting action.
  5. The only wearing part in ‘BOBAR’ is the Blade. This blade can be used from the both sides, Resharpened & Replaced.
  6. The guide pads require a constant lubricant film for longer life. Any commercial coolant emulsion (1:9 mixtures) serves the purpose.
  7. Stock removal: ‘BOBAR’ reams in a straight line and does not follow the pre-machined bore. For good all round finish, stock removal should be 0.15mm i.e.0.3mm on dia.
  8. Cutting speed: standard speed 12-25m/min, (Surface speed). Trials with different RPM, feed and rake angle of the blade should be carried out for achieving required finish, accuracy and production.
  9. The adjustment is only within the tolerance. The range given is to inform the Morse-Taper and reaming length available.
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