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Bovar Blades

Burnishing One Blade Adjustable Reamer (BOBAR) with replaceable blades offer fine machining of bores in deep hole boring process. The high performance is obtained by precision ground blade, which is clamped rigidly in the tool body and provided with fine adjustment. Cost reduction in BOBAR operation is achieved by providing it with double ended replaceable blade. The diameter of BOBAR is adjustable within a limited tolerance of about 8 to 10 µm. Hence it is possible to set exact tool diameter as per the material being machined
  Recommended Blade Geometry :
  B-1 .  Max.Depth of cut 0.25 on Dia. For all materials, cutting Speed 70m/min.
B-2 -  Max.Depth of Cut 0.25 on Dia.For all materials cutting speed can be more than 70m/min.
B-3 -  Max.Depth of Cut 0.25 on Dia.This geometry produces very good surface finish in C.I. and Steel. Cutting speed in C.I.max. 20 m/min in, steel max. 15 m/min.
B-4 -  Max.Depth of Cut 0.15 on Dia.For all materials max feed rate limited to 0.1 to 0.2 mm/rev. Only used for blind holes.
  Changing The Blade And Setting Size :
  1. Turn upper and lower adjusting screws one complete revolution anti-clockwise.
  2. Release Clamp – Turn clamping screws anti-clockwise from the top or clockwise from the bottom.
  3. Using two allen keys for opening and tightening the clamp will be easy.
  4. Remove blade, clean blade slot.
  5. Turn the blade over or insert new blade.
  6. Press blade firmly against adjusting screws and the rear stop-pin. Tighten clamping screw.
  7. For rough adjustment, turn the upper and lower adjusting screws clockwise 3/4th revolution.
  8. For accurate measurements a sensitive indicating micrometer is recommended.
  9. Check the upper and lower setting dimensions (back taper approx. 0.01mm)
  10. Setting fixture is recommended for quick and accurate size setting.
  Instructions For Using Spade – Drills
  Generally the speeds used for H.S.S. Spade Drills are in the low to medium ranges. Whenever , the Feed is high, depending upon the hardness of the material , the speed can be varied to avoid vibrations. If the blade experiences burning on periphery, then reduce speed. While using Carbide Spade Drills, it is advisable to predrill the work piece with a dia.10mm twist drill & then to use the Spade Drill. The carbide Spade Drills are to be used with high speeds & low Feeds as given in the Chart. However, if any vibrations are occurring, then the Feed has to be reduce in increments.
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